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“You must be the change you wish to see in this world”

"Let us become the change we seek"

- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind”

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy  


  "A Truth, Love, and Freedom movement... working to change our 
political and economic systems through restoring OUR Country to The
Founding Principles, highlighted in the Bill of Rights. Regardless of  
propaganda levied against us, we are a NON-violent group, simply 
engaged in protected First Amendment Free Speech and Media. 
Freedom of Speech is NOT terrorism, as many mainstream news 
channels may imply on a continual basis.  Our UNALIENABLE 
Rights like Assembling and Bearing Arms are fueled by just existing on 
this planet. These Rights were fought for by the Sacred Blood of our 
Ancestors and the war continues to this day.  Presently, we 
are being heavily attacked in the Spiritual realm, yet we know we must 
be as gentle as a dove and as strong as a lion.  If you want to change 
something just look in the mirror and the world will start changing 
around you. We Respect and Honor Individuals who uphold their 
Oaths to the Constitution.  For the rest of you, may history forget 
you were Our Countrymen. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds 
you. The one who worships the Old World Order through false mental 
constructs by means of chaos, money and authority ought to be 
ashamed. We will NOT submit to this tyranny! Stand with us, while we 
build a commUnity that will make you proud, on the Right side of 



Bruce Baumann


November 2, 2013

With only days remaining until election day this Tuesday, many Colorado communities have important legislation to vote on whether fracking should be allowed to expand the dangerous oil drilling process in their city. 

Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette and Fort Collins all have separate ballot measures that prohibit new fracking wells within their city limits and our job is to make sure anyone we know in those respective cities knows to vote for fracking moratoriums by supporting the Yes on 2H initiative, Yes on 300 questions and Yes on 2A initiative.

Frack Free Colorado has been taking on the ‘David’ role, in this battle against multi-million dollar ‘Goliath’oil and gas companies, who have investor profits to worry about and not the safety and well being of the residents of Colorado.  These votes will be huge momentum builders for a state wide BAN on fracking here in Colorado.

Please share the videos below that easily dispel the industry rumors that fracking doesn’t contaminate ground water and has been safe since 1947. 



Make sure you contact anyone in these areas to personally share how important November 5th is for the health of Colorado.  Please make calls/texts, write emails, post on social media and donate to Frack Free Colorado. 

Remember, we must vote to support fracking moratoriums, so the safety studies can actually be finished, before we allow millions of gallons of water to be pumped down new wells.  Hopefully big-oil won’t be leaving any new foot prints in Colorado anytime soon, because if new fracking wells are dug, we’re fracked for good. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into fighting these anti-fracking measures by profit-eager oil and real-estate companies.  Still, we will beat them with people power and it’s our job to ensure these important victories. 

Posted on: Saturday, November 2, 2013