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“You must be the change you wish to see in this world”

"Let us become the change we seek"

- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind”

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable"

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy  


  "A Truth, Love, and Freedom movement... working to change our 
political and economic systems through restoring OUR Country to The
Founding Principles, highlighted in the Bill of Rights. Regardless of  
propaganda levied against us, we are a NON-violent group, simply 
engaged in protected First Amendment Free Speech and Media. 
Freedom of Speech is NOT terrorism, as many mainstream news 
channels may imply on a continual basis.  Our UNALIENABLE 
Rights like Assembling and Bearing Arms are fueled by just existing on 
this planet. These Rights were fought for by the Sacred Blood of our 
Ancestors and the war continues to this day.  Presently, we 
are being heavily attacked in the Spiritual realm, yet we know we must 
be as gentle as a dove and as strong as a lion.  If you want to change 
something just look in the mirror and the world will start changing 
around you. We Respect and Honor Individuals who uphold their 
Oaths to the Constitution.  For the rest of you, may history forget 
you were Our Countrymen. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds 
you. The one who worships the Old World Order through false mental 
constructs by means of chaos, money and authority ought to be 
ashamed. We will NOT submit to this tyranny! Stand with us, while we 
build a commUnity that will make you proud, on the Right side of 



Clyde J. Harkins

December 7, 2013


What is the meaning of a state of national emergency, who created the conditions that lead to Congress and the States declaring state emergencies, and what effects do the emergencies have on Americans lives now will partly be answered in this article.  My hope is that readers will share this information with others and will research the topic for themselves.   

Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been legislatively declared in a permanent state of national emergency, due to a created banking crisis.  Following March 9, 1933, all 48 States in the United States declared emergencies.  Alaska and Hawaii declared emergencies later when they entered the Union.  The 80 years of emergency rule still exist to this day.  The evidence of said emergencies is recorded in the Congressional Record (CR) for that date.  A copy the CR for March 9, 1933 was given to me over 20 years ago at a meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.   In this CR, many Congress-persons rose to speak about how the bankers had deliberately created the crisis for the purpose of eliminating competition, buying state chartered bank assets for pennies on the dollar, removing gold as backing for Federal Reserve Notes and for acquiring liens (documents indicating ownership) on all property in America.       

In the case of America, a state of legislatively declared emergency means that the normal limits on governmental authority listed in written constitutions can be ignored at will by elected and appointed officials.  The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) began cutting credit/loan availability drastically in the mid 1920's .  This caused the 1928 stock market crash and the later recession/Great Depression in America.  Politicians complained that there was no money/credit back in their state.  As the result, the Federal government and the 48 states declared bankruptcy and went into receivership. The 1933 National Banking Act included the pledging of the full faith and credit of the United States government and the states, and all property within the District of Columbia and the States as collateral for the additional/new notes/loans to be issued by the banks.  

The practice of causing financial panics, recessions and depressions being used by bankers as a means to control governments and to rob the people has been used since day one in this country.  Whenever governments even look like they may not act completely in the interest of the banks, a financial panic suddenly erupts.  This "crash and steal" practice by the bankers has worked every time in Europe and the United States since the days of the goldsmiths in the 1700's.  Politicians always respond with legislation more favorable to the banks.  The practice of fractional reserve loaning, removal of the gold backing for Federal Reserve Notes and many other laws that facilitate thievery by the bankers has vastly increased the power of the owners of the banks over every American.  The result has been bankruptcy and debt slavery for a large percentage of Americans.  Much of the poverty in America, lack of good paying jobs, massive debt, crime and many other problems are the result of a totally dishonest and fraudulent monetary system.

An eighty-year state of emergency has allowed a massive increase in the authority of the banks over the government and the governments, as agents of the banks, authority over citizens.   Governments that function under emergency rule move from the rule of law to the rule of necessity for their survival.  In order to survive, governments become tyrannical.  Necessity usually means that government officials are legally obligated to act in the interest of whoever owns the monetary system and the fictitious persons called corporations.  In America, this emergency has resulted in a massive welfare state that has near 50% of adults not working.  In addition, the $80-$100 trillion dollars of phony debt can never be paid even if governments increase the total tax rate to 100%.  .   

For the most part, research will provide evidence of nearly 200 governments on this earth ruling under a state of national emergency.  Since most nations do not have written constitutions that spell out people's inalienable rights, their citizens have never lived under anything but tyrannical government.  Rule under emergency is de facto, the same as living in a dictatorship and/or under martial law.  Neither Congress nor the courts have made any distinction between a state of national emergency and martial law.  Of course, short-term time limited emergencies for earth/weather related events are declared, but they are terminated within weeks or months. 

So what do Americans do about this immoral, unlawful state of emergency created by the bankers? 

Some suggestions that have been put forth are to create alternative currencies whose value is determined by people's labor.  Others suggestions are to use real commodities such gold or silver for buying and selling, to barter and ceasing to borrow any of the banker-owned Federal Reserve Notes.  Live within your means and refuse to pay usury/interest on Federal Reserve Notes that the FED itself defines as a substitute for money.  Work for state owned banks that keep funds in the state for local use.  This will cut down on state and local borrowing and decrease your taxes. 

All the above will take time but don't be discouraged, because an honest monetary system will lead to the abolishment of the states of emergency and a rebirth of liberty in America.


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Posted on: Saturday, December 7, 2013