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Bruce Baumann
May 14, 2014

TRANSCRIPT - Smart Meters: Scientifically Proven Adverse Health Impacts and Privacy Illegalities – April 15, 2014 – Fort Collins City Council Meeting

"Good Evening, I am John Weins. I live in Larimer County. Tonight we will be talking about scientific studies that demonstrate how smart meters are dangerous to our health. We will also explain what the ACLU says about legal and privacy issues regarding city employees who are collecting data about what we do in our private homes.
Our focus will be on facts, evidence, science, and ultimately, the truth of the matter. Do you all remember what science is?
Nobel Prize winner and mathematician Bertrand Russell says: “when you are studying any matter or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only: „what are the facts and what is the truth‟? and, „what is the truth that the facts bear out‟?”
Astrophysicist Carl Sagan says, “Science is more than a body of knowledge, it‟s a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to be skeptical of authority, then we are up for grabs.”
Astrophysicist Neil Tyson says, “If you are scientifically literate, the world looks very different and that understanding empowers you.”
Quantum Physicist Richard Feynman says, “Science replaces private prejudice with publicly verifiable evidence.”
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Good Evening, I am Ginny Bradley. I live in the city of Fort Collins. After the smart meters and towers and antennae were installed in my neighborhood, I began to experience extreme headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, constant ringing in my ears, fatigue, and heart pain. I am currently under a physician‟s care for these medical issues. My medical doctor agrees that these symptoms are a result of electrohypersensitivity.
In 1995, the National Institute of Health published scientific study results in peer-reviewed journal articles that proved that fluoride damaged our brains, bodies and teeth. Just this year, the Lancet Neurology journal published a study citing fluoride as a neurotoxin. Scientists know that fluoride damages our brains, our bodies, and our teeth. The fluoride industry has known that for decades. But people who have been diligently speaking the truth about the damage that fluoride causes have been classified as some kind of conspiracy theory kooks. Remember, the difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory? We‟ve covered that topic a number of times in these chambers. There has been a conspiracy by the fluoride industry and the government to add a known neurotoxin to our water. That is not a theory -- A whole bunch of scientists have just confirmed that through the most respected medical journal on the planet.
So, what good is science if you ignore the truth it reveals? The truth is, when you ignore science, as in the case of fluoride, and now in the case of smart meters, everybody gets hurt.
Scientific evidence demonstrates the dangers of smart meters in hundreds of studies. Do you know that there is not a single scientific study that claims that smart meter technology is safe?
Motorola, the wireless industry giant, paid for a scientific study to be executed at the University of Colorado. When the scientists presented their findings to Motorola executives, that company decided it wasn‟t a good idea to allow the CU scientists to publish the results. Do you know why? The results of that study would have impacted Motorola‟s primary objective: to make a profit. It is interesting to note that after Motorola pressured the scientists to refrain from publishing their findings, Motorola gave the University of Colorado a major financial donation.
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Some people claim that smart meters are for the “common good” of society. In fact, science says that smart meters are detrimental to the environment, to people, and to animals. Smart meters adversely impact the economic stability of local governments and cause skyrocketing utility fees for customers. The only people that smart meters are good for is Corix—the company that is installing these meters throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Corix is making millions of dollars off of our collective suffering. You should also know that Corix, a foreign corporation, is buying up water shares in the United States. When Corix purchases these water supply systems, that foreign company has found loopholes to circumvent stringent U.S. regulatory procedures.
What does the Scientific Community say about smart meters? This is just a tiny sample of what we know now. Our knowledge base related to smart meters will expand as scientists continue to ask interrogating questions.
A. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine says:
“Based on double-blinded, placebo controlled research in humans,1 medical conditions and disabilities that would more than likely benefit from avoiding electromagnetic and radiofrequency exposure include, but are not limited to:
 Neurologic conditions  Musculoskeletal effects  Heart disease and vascular effects  Pulmonary conditions  Gastrointestinal conditions  Ocular  Oral  Dermal  Autonomic nervous system dysfunction  Pregnancy  Genetic defects and cancer  Liver disease
Because Smart Meters produce Radiofrequency emissions, it is recommended that patients with the above conditions and disabilities be accommodated to protect their health.”
1 Rea WJ, Pan Y, Fenyves EJ, et al. Electromagnetic field sensitivity. Journal of Bioelectricity. 1991; 10(1&2): 243- 256.
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B. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2011. Dr. Nora Volkow led the research as the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Dr. Volkow says, “The study is important because it documents that the human brain is sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation...”
C. Dr. Ronald M. Powell, PhD in applied physics from Harvard University, has written an article entitled:    Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure, based on the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances. Dr. Powell‟s findings were presented to the Federal Communications Commission in August of 2013 (docket numbers 13-84 and 13-137). Dr. Powell reviewed medical research literature to conclude the following:
“1. The current FCC Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) limits are so high that they provide no protection for the public from the biological effects found in any of the 67 studies.
2. New biologically based RF exposure limits proposed in the BioInitiative 2012 Report are 1 million times lower than current FCC limits and would protect against the biological effects found in nearly all of the 67 studies.
3. A single Smart Meter on a home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in most of the 67 studies, depending on the distance from the Smart Meter.
4. A single Smart Appliance in the home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in nearly half of the 67 studies, depending on the distance from the Smart Appliance. Multiple Smart Appliances in a home multiply the total exposure.
5. A single Smart Meter on a nearest neighbor’s home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in many of the 67 studies. A given home may have one to eight nearest neighbors, each with a Smart Meter, multiplying the total exposure in the given home.
This, he concludes, “Smart Meters are a community concern, not just an individual concern.” The section on neighbors’ meters, and how smart meters are a community concern is especially relevant as policy makers decide how to proceed with solutions. Here’s a brief excerpt from his paper:
“A Single Smart Meter on a Neighbor’s Home Can Produce RF Power Density Levels Shown to Cause Biological Effects”
For some locations in a given home, the distance to a neighbor’s Smart Meter may be less than the distance to the resident’s own Smart Meter. Thus, a neighbor’s Smart Meter may be the principal source of radiation for some locations in the given home. The Biological Effects Chart shows that a single Smart Meter can produce RF power densities found to cause biological effects even at distances greater than 20 meters, and certainly up to 100 meters. And the number of neighbors within that range can be large.
There is no substitute for a roll back of all Smart Meters at the community level, or higher.”
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D. The World Health Organization states that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans in category Group 2B. Classification as category 2B is used when a causal association is considered credible.
The City Utilities Department will claim that industry studies show that smart meters are safe. Of course industry studies will say that. The industry is motivated by making a profit. The industry doesn‟t care about the environment or about people. The city Utilities Department might attempt to argue that if you use a cell phone you can‟t complain about the smart meters. One major flaw in that argument is that cell phone use is an individual choice. We can choose not to use a cell phone. We can choose how we use a cell phone. We can protect our brains from cell phone risks. But, we have no control over the relentless bombardment of damage from a smart meter that is attached to the private spaces where we live.
The Fort Collins City Council pledges their allegiance to Triple Bottom Line goals. This means that every issue that comes to you for approval or denial must be evenly balanced by social, economic, and environmental consensus. You all know that consensus is not science-based. Consensus is a collective opinion. Opinion and truth are radically. We‟ve defined the difference between those words before. Consensus is based on powerful special interest groups who rabidly pursue their own profit-motivated agendas. The City Council claims to have the ultimate goal of achieving compliance with the so-called sustainability sweet spot. In case you don‟t recall your pledge to this goal, you can refresh your memory by reading Plan Fort Collins. The Fort Collins Climate Action Plan dictates that you follow the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle means that you are not allowed to implement a policy if there is any chance at all that it might do harm to people or the environment. Again, you know that the precautionary principle is not science-based—it is a method that is orchestrated to serve the wealthiest people who have the financial resources to cheat the system that his applied to everyone else.
So let‟s look at how you scored on the triple bottom line and precautionary principle with the smart meters issue:
Bottom Line #1: Economy: you have spent more than $30 MILLION Dollars of taxpayer money on a technology that has a consistent historical record of causing astronomical, non- market driven rate hikes for people in this community.
Bottom Line #2: Environment: you have forced the people who live in this community to be subjected to inescapable radiation that is scientifically proven to damage our brains and all cells throughout our bodies. Scientific studies show that you have directly harmed wildlife, including life-sustaining bees.
Bottom Line #3: Society: you have intentionally placed children, women of child-bearing age, people with chronic illnesses, and our senior community at increased risk of health problems
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because these populations are more vulnerable to the adverse health risks associated with these smart meters.
Precautionary Principle: I guess we don‟t even need to rate you on this one, considering how miserably you failed on the triple bottom line test.
Let‟s move on to the issue of privacy. These smart meters give employees in the Utility Department unrestricted access to monitor specific patterns and habits of how we live in our private homes. They can use that information to make us feel guilty. That sounds unbelievable doesn‟t it?    The truth is that the City of Fort Collins has been using shame and guilt as incentives to control us for years. Remember those nasty little inserts you sent out in utility bills?    They told us how horrible we were for having a family because we used more electricity than that single guy who lived down the street.
What are the legal issues regarding the invasion of our privacy and forcing these dangerous meters on people who used your system of opting out?
The Executive Director of the Vermont American Civil Liberties Union, more commonly known as the ACLU, says this:
“The ACLU has become increasingly concerned when personal data, including data about a person’s lifestyle or habits, is collected and stored in databases. Such data is of great interest to law enforcement, for a variety of reasons. A customer’s consent should be required anytime the customers’ data is being shared, sold, or given to a third-party not performing a primary purpose on behalf of the utility. We believe the system should be opt-in, with consent renewal every two years. We oppose what amounts to disincentives in the form of extra fees if a customer decides not to opt-in. Additionally, extra fees could, because of the classes of people who might decline to opt in, lead to unintentional yet still illegal discrimination.”
The City of Fort Collins promised people that they had a choice. You told them they could keep their analog meters. Analog meters last for decades and there is no dangerous side effect associated with an analog meter. It appears that you knew your promise was bogus when you made it. That‟s called deceit. Then you threatened the people who believed your promise by claiming you would shut off their power in the middle of winter. That‟s called extortion. When the people you lied to stood firm on your promise, you brought armed officers to force them to submit. That‟s called violence.
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For every one person who is here tonight because they are concerned about the health and privacy issues associated with smart meters, there are thousands more who agree with us. So why aren‟t all those people here tonight? Many of them are afraid of you. Those people are afraid of the power that City Manager Darin Atteberry holds over public employees. Thousands of people are aware of what happens to people in this community who ask interrogating questions and who tell the truth. The acts of retaliation are epic. Those individuals in power have taken shocking blows against innocent people. The most powerful in this community have effectively quieted many others who wish to ask logical questions and who simply desire to protect their health and families. Just think of the short list of retaliation that has occurred in Fort Collins in recent years: Timothy Masters, Jaden, Benjamin David Gilmore, and now Virginia Farver.
Those people who you promised could keep their analog meters have scientific evidence that you are causing them to suffer damages. Dennis Sumner is on record making statements that appear to show he knows that what he is saying is not entirely accurate. Dennis Sumner forced the installation of a smart meter on Virginia Farver‟s house, even though he had full knowledge of the emotional and mental and physical trauma that his actions will cause to Virginia Farver. The City of Fort Collins is acting like an absolute dictator. Can you feel how vicious you are? Why are you being so brutally nasty to this woman? You are exploiting Virginia Farver‟s pain because she lost her son to brain cancer from the same technology that the Utilities Department swears is safe. Virginia Farver and nearly 300 other people in this community have followed your procedures for keeping their analog meters. And still you torment these people by forcing them to place their health at verifiable risk. Why?
Science says that smart meters are bad for everyone and those meters are fatal for others. You can choose not to believe the scientists who have studied the health dangers associated with smart meters. You can ignore the ACLU‟s legal statements regarding privacy violations. Ignore the facts for whatever reason you can fabricate to make you feel more important than us and smarter than the scientists and attorneys.
You could try to argue that you didn‟t know about all of this scientific evidence when you inflicted harm upon this community. If you do try to claim ignorance, the people should be aware that there is already a paper trail and video trail that proves you did know. And you intentionally chose to hurt us anyway. Why?
Remember this: your personal opinions do not alter the truth of the matter. The truth is that smart meters do harm the environment. The truth is that smart meters cause utility rates to skyrocket. The truth is that smart meters are proven to be dangerous to all people and sometimes, the physical manifestations of smart meters are fatal.
This is a good time to remind you that you were elected to act as watchdogs for us. Your only duty is to protect our rights.
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The City of Fort Collins has been deceitful, used extortion and threats, and has engaged in violent force against innocent people. We are here tonight to demand redress of grievances. Yes, we have an undeniable right and a responsibility to demand that you repair the damage you have done to us. The Colorado Constitution and the United States Constitution protects us when we demand that you stop hurting us.
Therefore, in the interest of the public health and safety:
1. Nearly 300 people opted out of the smart meters program using the City of Fort Collins approved opt-out procedure. Those people will have their smart meters replaced with analog meters, at no additional cost, and the work will be performed by the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department.
2. The Fort Collins City Council will request that trustworthy city employees will produce a scientifically-based brochure to be included in utility customer bills with health, safety and privacy warnings regarding smart meters. The brochures will include references to scientifically-valid, peer-reviewed studies about possible symptoms, special warnings for children, chronically ill people, pregnant women, and immune-compromised people. Special inserts will be mailed to people who live in apartment buildings that contain banks of meters that are concentrated on one wall. Included in the smart meter brochure will be an explanation that the smart meters that are installed on their homes are not UL approved devices and that there are cases of smart meters that have caused fires.
3. The Fort Collins City Council will request that staff prepare warning label stickers to be applied to every smart meter.
4. The Fort Collins City Council will instruct the Utilities Department to re-structure their procedure of applying “implied consent”. Instead of “implied”, consent will be changed to “informed consent”. Additionally, the ACLU‟s position and methods regarding customer consent for data usage will be adopted by the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department.
5. The City of Fort Collins will replace (within three business days) the smart meter on Virginia Farver‟s house with an analog meter. The City of Fort Collins Utilities Department will perform that work at no additional cost to Virginia Farver. And, so that the Utilities Department can be assured that the analog meter is in proper working condition, city utilities department employees, not a private electrician, will perform that replacement work.
6. The City of Fort Collins is publicly advised to cease retaliation against Virginia Farver.
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Posted on: Wednesday, May 14, 2014