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Bruce Baumann

October 2, 2014

Below is an email by Stacy Lynne describing the outcome of her last Larimer County court appearance on September 16, 2014. 

"Hello All,
I would like to share two important updates with you.  First is a summary on Jaden's hearing on September 16, 2014.  Secondly, there is a significant development in Benjamin David Gilmore's case and I am asking for your help.
I write this email knowing that what I share with you will leave me vulnerable to character assassination by the people in power who are bent on destruction.  Being honest is worth the risk.
After working for three years to get witnesses into a courtroom to testify about the abuse that Jaden has lived with since he was taken in December 2011, David Ayraud, Larimer County Assistant Attorney, walked up to the podium in the courtroom just minutes after the hearing began to quash my Larimer County law enforcement officer witnesses.  A couple days prior to the hearing, Weld County Assistant Attorney Bob Choate also entered a motion to strike my Weld County Law Enforcement Officers.  Kent Spangler, an attorney who acts as a magistrate, in defiance of his own order on August 13, 2014, struck my witnesses.  After attorney Ayraud was finished, attorney Amy Antommaria motioned for my remaining civilian witnesses to be struck.  Again, Kent Spangler struck my witnesses in violation of Colorado rules, procedures, statutes and the law.  He did it all in violation of his own order issued on August 13, 2013.  It was a stunning situation.  And the sickening part is that he blamed it all on me...he said it was my fault.  The record shows Spangler lied.
The only witness who was allowed to take the stand was the so-called biological father.  He began his lies in the most nauseating manner.  The people who were observing in the courtroom can describe far more effectively than I can what kind of creature my son has been forced to live with for three years.  For two hours, the biological and his attorney put lie after lie on the record.  And they both snickered and took sadistic pleasure in their distortions.  The biological father did not get what he asked for at the hearing (to take my son anywhere without my knowledge).  What was crushing to me is that I was illegally prevented from placing evidence on the record in the form of credible witness testimony.  Again.
After the hearing was over, I felt entirely empty...void of words and even thoughts.  Here's why:  My law enforcement officer witnesses were going to testify about what they call the biological father's "paranoia".  They are on record saying that.  It's not my opinion or perception, it's in their records.  One of my deputies was going to testify about what the biological accused him of, and he was also going to try to explain why that specific record has been sealed for 15 years.  A 15 year seal on a "child custody" case!?  Another law enforcement witness was going to testify about why he thought the biological was "nuts".  His word, not mine.  Yet another law enforcement witness was going to testify about why he thought the biological filed reports of "spying" against every individual who just happened to be on my witness disclosure list.  Can you even comprehend this?  The biological actually took my witness list and accused them all of stalking him.  Another law enforcement officer was going to testify that he believed the biological was filing all these false reports because he was trying to make himself look better for the hearing.  And then, a group of my business associates who were going to testify, using verified email records, that the biological and his attorney were contacting them and lying about the court record.  I also had a law enforcement officer who was going to testify that the biological filed another false report where he accused my business colleague of threatening him.  The biological also accused a retired law enforcement officer of spying on him by looking into the biological's back yard...this supposedly occurred imediately after that retired officer and I had been inside the Weld County Sheriff's Office.  The magistrate explained that domestic violence abuse is not relevant, even though the biological is still perpetrating abuse.  When the magistrate heard testimony that the biological had prevented me from contacting my son for the past two years, the magistrate said that was not relevant.
My heart is exploding daily from the pain of what Jaden is enduring.  He has been told that "Mom could see me, she just doesn't want to."  Think about the level of trauma that is to a child who was raised for nine years in love and safety.  dear god.
A few days ago, as I was working through the aftermath of Jaden's hearing and trying to find a way through the pain, a stunning new development in the wrongful conviction of Benjamin David Gilmore occurred.  To protect Ben's future, this significant development is being closely protected and there is no way to share specific information at this time.  Just know that a team of amazing people are in this fight for justice with us.
As you all know, Law and I have been working on Ben's second film since the day we finished the first film.  This film is taking a lot more time and for good reasons, including the amount of information available for research.  The most important thing we consider through this process is that we do not want to do anything that will negatively impact the appeal that will be filed.
This is the awkward part for me and I am going share openly in the interest of transparency (though it is with discomfort that I disclose these personal revelations).  When I was in the rollover accident on November 8, 2012, it took 11 months to get the settlement from the insurance company.  The settlement was just enough to finance the first documentary film "Burning the Beekeeper".  I believe that the timing of receiving the settlement at the same time Benjamin was wrongfully convicted was meant to be.  It is a choice I made consciously and without regret.  After Ben was sentenced in December, I began to research more deeply into his case and other similar wrongful convictions.  Throughout the winter and spring of 2013-2014, I sold every material possession so that I could continue to meet basic needs (food, fuel, phone, etc).  Again, I did this consciously and without regret.
At this point, I have nothing left to sell and I have a documentary film to finish.   I have tried multiple ways of raising funds to meet the remaining needs of this film.  I have not done any of the crowdfunding/kickstarter/community funded campaigns because of the volatile nature of this film at the local level.  Stated simply, the second film will be an uncomfortable expose of the truth regarding how, who, and why Benjamin David Gilmore was wrongfully convicted by people in our community...not such a project that the community is likely to embrace....
The reason that asking for film funding is so difficult for me is two-fold:  first, I believe that pursuing truth and justice is just part of being human and I am uncomfortable with needing money to do such an inherently natural thing; and, secondly I know that you all are invested in your individual pursuits of truth and justice and we are all stressed financially.
This new development has increased the financial need.  I am incredibly uncomfortable asking, but I do not know how else to do this to make this happen at this point.  If you would like to donate to me to directly assist in making Ben's second documentary film a reality, please text or call me at 970-402-1582.  If you know of anyone else who might like to donate to Ben's second documentary film, please forward this email to them and have them contact me directly.
What exactly is on the line in Benjamin's case?  Innocence.  Love.  Truth.  Justice.  Community.  Peace.
Our community, along with many people throughout the world, know about Timothy Masters, Jaden and Benjamin.  There are many more cases of injustice in Larimer County that people don't know about because the people in those lower-profile cases don't have a voice.  A victory for Benjamin will have monumental impacts both locally and beyond.  Justice is attainable.
People ask me why I make public stands against injustices.  That is a question that still catches me off-guard because it just seems like a natural thing to do.  We all know that standing up against powerful systems and powerful people makes one vulnerable to all kinds of retaliation.  People ask me why I started the second film without any financial means.  That question is easy for me to answer:  there are times when there is no time to make sure everything is perfect before beginning something so important.  Benjamin has been in prison for nine months; nine months to his young son feels like forever.
I don't know of any other way to live besides uncompromising adherence to truth and justice.  You all make it easier because of your emotional, mental, and spiritual support.  Gratitude for you fills me.
Love, Stacy"
Posted on: Thursday, October 2, 2014