Monday, April 22, 2019

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We Are Change Colorado is funded by people all over the world who support the cause of freedom & liberty. Everything we are able to accomplish is because of donations from people like you. The thousands of DVD's we hand out each year on subjects like health, banking, G.M. food, the police state, 9/11 truth, and so much more are paid for by donations and volunteer time. All the fliers, banners, signs, costumes, props, internet service, studio equipment, computers, cameras, websites, all of it comes from grass roots support from the people who find what we do of value and wish to show their support by donating. Now with the expansion of our activism to include a radio studio & network and by focusing more community based events with positive solutions and educational opportunities such as community garden projects, community yoga and meditation, aquaponics, free concerts and potlucks it is more important than ever for us to monetize our activities and provide more resources so that we can more effectively run and pay for the new We Are Change Colorado Community Center in Lakewood as well as all the street actions & rallies we take part in each year.

Please consider making a one time donation or signing up for one of our monthly subscriptions. Any amount will makes a difference. Just like in the war for hearts and minds it is our collective effort that makes us such a formidable force on the battle field of human consciousness. So please take a minute and help support a cause that is sure to benefit us and generations to come.

Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do it without you.

For love, liberty and freedom,

We Are Change Colorado

We Are Change Colorado accepts checks, money orders, gift certificates, cash, precious metals, and equipment. Even if it's old equipment, send it to us and we’ll make sure it gets to someone. Please make all checks payable to “We Are Change Colorado" — We Are Change Colorado 8646 W. Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO 80215

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